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Booking private travel is quick and easy with Air Charter Service, and we understand the importance of working with a reliable partner that you can trust. You already have a wealth of travel knowledge, and we simply wish to add our aviation expertise to the mix, allowing you to provide the tailor made experience your clients deserve.

Step 1

The Enquiry

When you make an enquiry with us you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who is available 24/7. The first thing we will need to know is your clients’ start and end destinations, not Gatwick to JFK, but the actual destinations, as we may know an airport or landing spot better suited to their requirements. Secondly we’ll want to know who is travelling and why, for example, a family of four with bikes/skis/golf clubs, or an orchestra of 40 with instruments? We’ll take that into account when choosing their aircraft and airports.

Step 2

The Flight

Upon arrival, the passengers will either transfer straight through security to the aircraft, or if they arrive early they can relax in the terminal if the airport requires them to take off during a specific slot. We can be on hand every step of the way, at the terminal and on board if necessary, to answer any questions and ensure that the flight goes as smoothly as possible.

Step 3

The Finer Deatails

Once booked, we will request passenger passport details to send across to customs and this is also the stage where you can take advantage of the bespoke extra touches. Depending on the size of aircraft, these include things such as gourmet meals sourced from a favourite restaurant, preferred wines or whisky. We can also put your clients’ logo on items such as coasters, napkins and headrest covers.

Step 4

The Booking

When everyone is ready to go ahead we will check the aircraft availability and send you a booking request form. Once completed and returned to us, we will secure the aircraft and start applying for slots, handling etc. As soon as we get the confirmation you will receive a charter itinerary with all the key details you and your client will need for the journey. We will deal with all the logistics and any questions or requests you may have.

Step 5

The Options

As soon as we have all the information above, we will check our bespoke system to identify which of the 50,000 aircraft options are available and suitable for their route and schedule. We will then give you a range of the best options to choose from, and offer recommendations on what we feel are the best for your client. This can be done with you or with the end client if you would prefer.

  • AVAILABLE 24/7